What We Do


 Upon receiving dogs from a Shelter or Animal Control facility, we move the dogs into approved Foster homes, or house them at our 5 acre sanctuary.  Each dog has it's own doghouse and sizable fenced run.  As the dogs are socialized and evaluated, they are treated for any medical necessity including sterilization by a licensed veterinarian.  When ready, interstate transfer paperwork for each  dog is prepared by a veterinarian according to Dept. of Agriculture regulations.  The final step is to connect with partner organizations to schedule the transfer of the dogs up north, meeting partner transfer vehicles in Tennessee and Georgia.  The dogs are then combined with other rescue pets for the drive to accepting agencies in northern states where they are placed in new homes. 

Socializing gazebo at Another Chance Rescue

Socializing gazebo at Another Chance Rescue

The Dogs Are Given Another Chance

Where do the dogs go?

All dogs will spend time in our sanctuary or foster care while under treatment, socialization, or rehabilitation.  They are then transferred to No Kill partners in the northeast and/or Georgia.  Photos are sent ahead to partnering agencies, and the dogs are frequently already adopted prior to transfer


Our Partners